At 78 Coffee Co., we know that coffee is more than just a beverage. It is an experience. The unique characteristics of coffee go well beyond the simple liquid in a cup. Coffee has a power that transcends and inspires by creating warmth, energy, and motivation to start each day afresh.

Based in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood, founders Kelly Fineman and David Hobby are extending the coffee ethos of our mentor and collaborator Gary Sawyer, who started a very successful coffee roasting business in the Pacific Northwest 57 years ago. His vision was to provide perfectly roasted coffee and reliable, friendly service to his community. Gary has successively founded and managed three coffee roasting companies spanning the Seattle-to-Spokane area, where he currently resides. 78 Coffee Co.is the direct result of this relationship with Gary.

Kelly and David, along with a very talented and supportive team, take great pride in assuming the awesome responsibility of being your personal Roast Masters. We are true believers that we are better together. Our passion and attention to detail show in our finished roasted coffee, whether it’s ground for drip, espresso, French press, or even cold brew. Art, skill, and technology are combined to develop perfectly roasted coffee that is never burnt or bitter.

78 Coffee Co. is a locally owned and operated wholesale and retail coffee shop. We wouldn’t be in business today if not for our dedicated team and passionate customers who know and appreciate quality and a fresh cup of coffee. We are so proud of the Louisville heritage that we take our name from the year our city was founded, 1778.

Please contact us at info@78coffeeco.com